What is happiness?

Hey guys! I hope you are all well.

These past months has been eventful and challenging, with being confined in our homes due to pandemic to losing vital parts of our lives for some people is loved ones, jobs or just mental stability due to uncertainty of the future.

I especially have struggled with spending time at home. I am naturally a homebody but living at home with my family has been challenging, I am the oldest and one with a job so there is a lot of responsibility on me to provide (sometimes more that I can do), be a counsellor and adult amongst a all adult household. This can be very draining mentally and physically, which has started to impact my health.

I had some quiet time today just think about my life and what makes me happy, and I realised that for me to be happy I need to focus on myself (this might seem selfish but needed for my own mental stability) and chase the dreams I have put to side in hopes that being responsible will lead to stability. Life is about taking risk but how can you take risks when you stuck in the same place with the same people?

I believe happiness is journey within yourself that you have to re-evaluate on daily basis and filter out the things that take away from your happiness. I am still working on what makes me happy and I also encourage you to do the same until you at a place where you find true happiness.

Thank you for reading 💜


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